Showcase your posts anywhere with advanced features and layouts.

Grid layout

Default image size with title, excerpt, header, footer

Background image with vertically bottom aligned title

List layout

Alternating Fixed height image size with title, excerpt, header, footer

Block Settings

Posts OptionsValue
Layouts:List, Grid, Featured, Carousel. Masonry
Header & Footer:Author, Category, Comments, Date, Tags
Featured Image:Default, Fixed Height, Background
Border:Yes, No
Drop Shadow:None, SM, MD, LG
Hover Style:None, Zoom, Shadow SM/MD/LG, Border (Primary Color)
Vertical Align:Top, Middle, Bottom
Selection criteria:Number of posts, order by, many post filters
Color settings:Theme Colors
Excerpt:Word count limit, read more options, font size
Spacing: Margin/Padding Presets
Animation: 77+ Effects
Additional CSS Class:Class Name