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Gutenize provides an easy to use environment for beginners wanting to learn and create professional websites with WordPress. We can even help you with hosting and WordPress installation.


Bring your UI designs and UX prototypes to life without the hassle of coding. With many theme options and blocks available, you can achieve stunning creative layouts while saving time and money using Gutenize.


Gutenize uses the latest Redux Pro and Bootstrap 4 frameworks, built-in SCSS compiler, and latest WordPress 5 block standards, which makes a solid foundation to extend your WordPress development.

Gutenize Blocks

Create and design your website without any coding.

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Just some of the features that makes Gutenize so good.

Native Page Builder

Gutenize was created to make the new WordPress 5 Editor (Gutenberg) awesome! Our Visual WordPress Builder was named Gutenize for this very reason.


Gutenize is optimised to look and work seamlessly with leading eCommerce providers BigCommerce and WooCommerce. Start selling your products today!

Fully Responsive

Gutenize is perfectly responsive and consistent across Mobile, Tablet and Desktop. Let your website shine on any device.

Advanced Grid System

We’ve integrated Bootstrap 4’s amazing flexbox grid system into the editor with easy settings to achieve any layout you need. See examples here.

Bootstrap 4 Inspired

Pixel perfect Visual WordPress Builder using the Bootstrap 4 framework. If you don’t know what Bootstrap is that’s fine, but those who do… you’ll love this theme.

Built for Speed

There’s nothing worse than a great looking website that runs slow. Gutenize uses native WordPress components to reduce bloat and maximise speed.

Theme Options

Our simple to use theme options gives you the power to get the design and layout you want! We’ve kept it flexible, but simple and consistent.

Styled WordPress Editor

Unlike many themes on the market, Gutenize will reflect in the WordPress 5 editor view so you can closely see what your page will look like on the front-end. Awesome!

Perfect Color Scheme

The Gutenize color scheme system is based off Bootstrap 4’s design philosophy for consistency across your entire website. Look pro and stay on brand!


Love fonts and want choice? Access the entire Google font library and web safe fonts within Gutenize. Style all aspects of your website with the font it deserves.

Clean CSS with SCSS

Unlike many WordPress themes that use messy inline code for theme styles, Gutenize recreates a clean CSS file on every save thanks to our built-in SCSS compiler.

Supported Plugins

For any Plugins that Gutenize support, you’ll find an extra theme option section (if applicable) to have more control how it looks with your website theme.

Backup Theme Settings

Easily backup, export and import your theme settings. If you’re like most users, you probably want to try various theme settings and restore them when you need. Easy!

Child Theme Ready

If you’re adventurous and want to modify or extend Gutenize, we’ve created a starter child theme for you to get on your way.

One-Click Demo Install

COMING SOON – If you love our demos, you can install them with one-click and customise how you like. Now there’s no excuse to have an awesome looking website!

Dedicated Support

We love what we do and we care what you think! Check out our documentation, FAQs or send us an email and we’ll help you out as soon as humanly possible.

Theme Options

Here’s a sneak peak of just some Gutenize WordPress 5 theme options.

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