Why website content is important

A website without content is as useless as a wooden frying pan. Every business needs a website. Why? Your website is like your online storefront. It’s how people find you, learn about you and decide if they want to buy from you. It’s your salesman/woman, your secretary, your assistant, your Q&A ‘person’ – you get the point. But without content, your website won’t be any of these things.

So, what do we mean by content? 
Content is copy, images and video. Words that educate and inform. Images that inspire, and video that engages people who visit your website. It’s how you communicate to your potential customers. 

What should my content communicate?

Your website content should communicate the following: 

  • What services and/or products your business provides, and how it benefits your customers. 
  • Information about your services or products specifications. 
  • Who you are as a business. What are your values? What is your company mission? 
  • The team that makes the magic happen! Introduce your potential customers to the people that make your business unique. 
  • What makes you different from your competitors. How are you different? Better? It could be your years in the biz, your team and their experience or the fact that you operate ethically or in an environmentally conscious way. 
  • Basic information about your business like your opening hours, phone number, email address and links to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and/or YouTube channel. 

These things can be communicated in images, copy and video. Start with writing copy for and then add images and video to complement the copy. 

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Building a Website?

Try Gutenize, a simple WordPress 5 page builder. Gutenize was created to make the new WordPress 5 Editor (Gutenberg) awesome! Our Visual WordPress Builder was named Gutenize for this very reason.

Videos you should put on your website:

  • Anything you write about, you can put in a video! An introduction to your business, an introduction to your team, a walkthrough of your services or products, and most importantly – testimonials from your happy customers. 

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Tools and websites to help you create killer content

We’ve already mentioned Pexels and Unsplash, here are some other tools and websites to help you build out your content.  

  • Grammarly – Grammarly is a terrific browser extension that checks your grammar and spelling. It also analyses the quality and tone of your copy so you can ascertain if it is suitable for your target market.
  • Windows Movie Maker – a super simplistic tool you can use to create video content. This is a great tool to make video slideshows or basic videos. If you’re looking for something more advanced, read on.
  • Promo video, Magisto and Animoto are all great tools to make your marketing videos pop on social media. 
  • Canva helps you create custom graphics that you can use on your website or social media. 

So, how good (or bad) is your website? Put it through the Web Grader to see just how good your website is!

Need a new website?

Try Gutenize, a WordPress block builder that will help you whip up a website in no time. When you’re done with that, populate it with awesome content using the info in this blog 👆