The New Gutenberg WordPress Editor

In a nutshell Gutenberg is the name given to the new WordPress Editor which allows a rich visual block/page builder experience. It’s still early days but at Gutenize we are loving everything about it!

What’s with the name?

Gutenberg is named after Johannes Gutenberg, who invented a printing press with movable type back in the 1400’s – that’s over 500 years ago! The new WordPress Editor adopts the idea of movable blocks which resonates with Gutenbergs’ idea of movable type.

It’s a solid German name meaning Good (Guten) Hill/Mountain (Berg). We thought the name had a positive vibe and were excited to explore the possibilities so called Gutenize after it! Modernize, Customize, Gutenize!

So what does it do?

In essence, Gutenberg is a native WordPress page builder. If you don’t know what a page builder is then checkout the following popular ones developed before Gutenberg: Divi, Elementor and Visual Composer.

Page builders allow you to insert, move/drag, edit and delete items (in this case – blocks) around the editor to create posts and pages with a visual experience rather that a code style experience. If you are using a Gutenberg ready theme like Gutenize, the editor essentially looks like the front-end, giving you a powerful visual editing experience so you can focus on laying out your design, rather than constantly switching back and forth from the editor to the front-end to see what the page looks like.

We have found that non-Gutenberg page builders come with a fair bit of bloat – meaning a slower editor design experience and even overall website loading time. Not to mention each page builder has it’s own learning curve and style which is not easy to switch once committed.

With Gutenberg for WordPress, the editor is baked right into the core meaning the experience can be familiar across Gutenberg ready themes, and if built well, overall less bloat for a faster experience.

How is Gutenize relevant to the new WordPress Editor?

Gutenize was originally created for the sole purpose to push the boundaries of the new WordPress 5 Editor using the hugely popular Bootstrap 4 framework. If it’s not obvious yet, we love Bootstrap! With its consistent design philosophy, powerful flexbox grid system and great selection of components and utilities – we set out to bring Bootstrap 4 to the new Gutenberg WordPress Editor experience. How did we go you may ask? Better than expected!

For our first release we created 17 blocks and a powerful theme with a ton of options to get a professional website up in under an hour. Now that we are live and growing our user base, the future roadmap consists of more blocks, improvements to existing blocks, and the overall theme and options.

I want Gutenize! How do I get it?

It’s easy. Purchase the theme here and you’ll be up and running in no time. Happy Gutenizing!