What is backlinking?

Link building is the new Lochness Monster of the digital world. It carries mystery, intrigue, magic – but many people just don’t get it (or believe in it.) But with link rank being one of the top three things Google looks at when choosing a website to throw up in its results, it simply cannot be ignored. So, in this blog, we’re diving in to tackle the link building beast! Backlinks and link building. What is it and why is it important?

A backlink is simply a link on one website that links to another website. Like this. Including backlinks to other websites helps your SEO and therefore your Google ranking. But the web pages that you drive people to, need to be quality web pages! Here’s Neil Patel to tell you more…

What is backlinking?

The internet is all about connection. Connection and resources – a gazillion number of resources that are all connected by links. How does Google know what information to pull up when someone makes a search? It uses links. Whenever a search is made, Google sends out little spiders or crawlers to scour the internet for links that hold relevant information to return to the Googler. Without links, the spiders would come back empty-handed (or legged as it where.) And it’s for this reason that link building is SO important. Your website needs links and hyperlinks to help Google find it AND to help bring you traffic.

65% of marketers agree that link building is the most difficult search engine optimization tactic to do.

Link building is not for sissys! It takes time, effort and skill. Creating links that are authentic, useful and relevant and then sharing those links across the internet to drive traffic. Here’s an example:

I want to drive traffic to my pet wash business website. I could email every Tom, Dick, and Harry and tell them to book a wash via my website, and might get some visitors. But not everyone will bother to click the link. But what if I wrote a really useful article about ‘5 important things your pet needs’ and in there included links to pet food stores, pet shops with fun toys, local vets AND THEN a link to my pet wash business. People are more likely to interact with a piece of content with a variety of useful and relevant links that add value to their life.SO! Step one, develop a content strategy. Step two, dispense your content with links to other content with it. Google will love you for it.

Good for Google

First and foremost, link building is important because it is one of the main things Google looks at when it is looking for websites to put in its results. Increasing the number of links pointing to your website is super beneficial.

Great for relationships

Hyperlinking to other businesses helps build offline relationships with those businesses. Let’s say we wrote a blog about ‘how to create the perfect outdoor kitchen’ and decided to include a link to our favourite kitchen builders in the area. They’d appreciate the traffic, and Google would like us because we’ve included useful hyperlinks.

Helps increase in referral traffic

If someone includes a link to your website on their website and that link is clicked, it will drive traffic to your website. That visit will be counted in Google Analytics as referral traffic. And website visits can lead to sales.

Terrific for your brand

The benefits of link building encourages brands to make more useful content, more often. This inevitably leads to them becoming more known, more liked and more trusted which contributes to brand building.

You can build, share and hyperlink on your website till the cows come home, but if you aren’t linking to high-quality web pages, you won’t see the full benefits of SEO link building.

Where do I start?

  1. Set goals. Decide what you’re trying yo achieve (an increase in website visits, inquiries) , sales, etc.
  2. Create content that will help you gain this traffic and inquiry. It could be a blog, a feature article, a PR piece, a link to informative data. Something that benefits people.
  3. Create links. Links to your home page, your category pages and links including your product name and/or brand name.
  4. Reach out to websites who can benefit from the links you’ve created and get them to hyperlink their content with your link.

Well, turns out the old girl wasn’t so beastly after all. Just a matter of creating good content and distributing links to it! We hope you found this blog article on backlinks and link building useful. If you happen to be looking for a website builder, think of us. Gutenize is a simple website block builder that helps you build websites effectively and efficiently without code. Check it out!

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