Best SEO tools to optimize your website

Best SEO tools to optimize your website.

A builder couldn’t build a house without tools, and you can’t expect to build your SEO without the right tools either! The internet is a wonderful place and offers a plethora of FREE tools that you can use to NAIL your SEO. Before we get started, let’s recap:

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. To ‘SEO’ your website means to carry out a list of tasks that Google needs you to complete, in order for your website to be eligible to appear in Google’s search results. Effectively optimising your website means:

  • Adding keywords to the page
  • Adding useful, relevant and well-written content to your website
  • Publishing video content on your site and on YouTube
  • Regularly posting on LinkedIn and Facebook

All of these things help your website and business name appear in more searches.

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The different types of SEO

SEO has evolved over the years and can now be categorized into four types.

  • Content SEO: writing and publishing blogs and video content that include keywords that help you appear in Google searches that relate to your product or service.
  • Product SEO: populating your product page with relevant descriptions that include relevant keywords.
  • Technical SEO: Adding keywords, meta descriptions and page titles to the back-end of your website.
  • Voice search SEO: including text questions on your website that someone might ask their virtual assistant (Siri or Bixby). For example, you might own an online store that sells organic makeup. On your website, you could include a heading ‘what is the best organic makeup?’. When someone asks this question using voice search, your website is eligible to appear.
  • Local SEO: optimising your website for local searches, which generally have a sense of urgency. Think ‘food near me’, ‘restaurants near me’, ‘bars near me’. If someone is searching for something like this, they are generally searching with immediate intent.

And now for the best SEO tools to optimise your website

SEO Yoast

This by far the best SEO plugin to optimise your website. It is user-friendly and helps you optimise each page of your website with a keyword or phrase, page titles and meta descriptions. The plugin gives you a visual indication of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ the SEO and content readability is.

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Answer the Public

This nifty little site gives you insight into what questions people are asking Google right now. Simply enter your industry, product or service and allow ATP to spit out a whole heap of how, what, when, are, which, can, why, will, where and who questions. You can export these questions or use a lovely visual representation to come up with blog topics (content SEO) or voice search headings (voice search SEO).

Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer

A lot of people swear by SEM Rush, but we LOVE Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer. It’s a lot more user-friendly and the data is easier to digest – in our humble opinion. The Analyzer will show you what keywords your competitors’ sites are ranking and also gives you keyword suggestions, content ideas, your daily rankings and personalised SEO suggestions.


The clue is in the name. This is a super cool and easy to use keyword finder. It’s used by Airbnb, Adidas and Sky Scanner – so you know it’s good. Use this tool to find keywords that you can plant across your website to help it appear in more searches.


Last but not least, SpyFu. SpyFu allows you to download your competitors’ most profitable keywords. It helps you spy on competitors and see what keywords they’re paying for so you can compete for them too!

Building a Website?

You’re going to need SEO, so make sure you try out these tools and let us know if you find them helpful in the comments below. If you’re about to start building your website, try Gutenize. It’s a super simple block builder for WordPress sites that helps you build your site FAST.