6 things you probably didn’t know affect your SEO

You’ve heard it all before. Keywords help SEO. Blogs help SEO. Copy helps SEO. The list goes on! We’re constantly striving to tick all the boxes on Google’s ‘Supreme SEO’ checklist, and just when you think you’ve got it waxed, we hit you with this blog – 6 things you probably didn’t know affect your SEO, for better and for worse.

1. Duplicate content – little to no impact

We all know that publishing fresh and unique content with sprinkles of keywords affects your SEO. But what about duplicate content (ie: using the exact same copy across multiple sections of your website or within multiple blogs.)? Duplicate content affecting your SEO score is just as much a myth as the Loch Ness Monster. Aye!

Google prefers website owners to avoid using large blocks of the exact copy across their website because it makes it harder to know where they should send a user. If you have copy about your services on your homepage and the exact same copy on the services page, how is Google to know which is a better place to send the user? To the homepage or the service page?

Despite what the folks in the village say, your site will not be penalised for duplicate content. For the purpose of ranking, Google actually consolidates duplicate content and places it behind one link. Although you won’t be penalised as much as you once thought, Google still wants a variety of content, so try and use unique copy for each page of your website.

2. Facebook posts – fair impact

Businesses who are active on Facebook will have better SEO. That’s a great incentive to keep your social channels active. Although the correlation is a bit of a grey area, there is evidence to show that businesses who are active on social media win more rankings.

*Cognitive SEO

3. Rich media snippets – no impact

Rich media snippets are the bells and whistles you might see in search results – extra information or images within the search results. Although they don’t affect your ranking, rich snippets can influence the click rate.

4. Image file name and image objects – big impact

Did you know that Google scans all images uploaded to the world wide web so it can identify and tag objects within that image? Yep!

Google launched Google Cloud AI in May 2019, with an array of products and features. One of these features is an image object detection tool. After uploading a photo to the platform it will automatically scan, detect and label objects and scenes in your photo. Tagging and labelling your images assists with your Google ranking. Content marketers are now carefully selecting images to use on their site to ensure they can maximise their rankings through images too.  Try Google Cloud AI now.

5. Publishing video on YouTube – big impact

With YouTube being the second largest search engine, it’s no surprise that publishing videos on YouTube will affect your SEO. Pulling YouTube content into your website will help your website rank better. Just remember to keep it relevant!

6. Authentic and original content – big impact

Fake smiles, fake laughs and forced friendliness may have worked in the 80s, but won’t cut the mustard in 2019. People want original and authentic content. If your content fails to connect with your audience, this will affect your SEO.

Content authenticity hack! Get your team into a room and brainstorm some fun ideas that you can use in your content plan. You don’t need to be a content marketer to recommend content ideas, you just need to be human.

Here are some ideas to whet your appetite:

  • Facebook Live Stream an interview with a member of staff to talk about your business.
  • Facebook Live Stream an improv tour of your office space.
  • Write content with real advice for real people with real problems.
  • Write all your content from a place of care, using the same tone as you would talking to a friend.

Ready for the mic drop?

The biggest impact you can make on your SEO is putting in the effort, being persistent, consistent and creative!

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