5 New Year’s resolutions for your website

January is almost over, it’s time to throw out those old NYE party hats and start thinking about your marketing new year’s resolutions.  2020 could be the year that your website really takes off!

So, what can you do differently? No need to panic – we can help you with that. So, to get you started, we’ve drummed up the five best New Year resolutions to kick start your website into 2020.

Regularly update your content

There’s nothing more frustrating than an out of date website. Keeping the content on your business’ website current not only informs your audience about your latest promotions, but it will keep them coming back. Nothing encourages a buyer more to check in on your site if they know they might miss out on your next sale if they don’t.

And while you’re updating your website, remember to delete any old information. Keeping obsolete content on your site will annoy your users, and may stop them from using your business. No one can reach you if you still have that disconnected number listed.

Worried about your spelling and grammar while writing all this new copy? Thankfully there are tools out there, like Grammarly, that can help. Simply download, and you’re on your way to becoming a spelling champion.

Publish new content often

Get into the habit of posting on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Aim to post videos content at least once a week. Post a video introducing your team, or maybe a ‘behind the scenes’ clip of your office. Video has far more reach than a photo and can convey a lot of information quickly. So use it to your advantage.

Thinking about writing a blog? Blogging is a great way to give a human voice to your business, which can be valuable when you want to connect to your users. Posting blogs also helps your SEO and gives your customers information that is relevant to them.  This kind of content builds trust with your buyers – so dust off your keyboard and get typing!

Review and update SEO

Didn’t get enough web traffic in 2019? Review and update any SEO used to help people find your site. Our use of language changes quickly, and often follows modern trends. By revising your SEO, you can ensure that your website stays at the top of your users’ search. Thankfully, there are ways to find out what keywords are and aren’t working for you. So use reporting to determine what keywords are making people click, and what aren’t, and change them accordingly.

Check Google Analytics

Is there anything Google can’t do? Make the most of Google Analytics and learn more about who is visiting your site, and why. By analysing your website’s users, you can make improvements based on their actions. For example, Google Analytics can measure a site’s ‘bounce rate’ – the number of people who click off after viewing just one page. If you know that your bounce rate is high, you can alter your site to be more appealing. If your business is small, you may only need to check Google Analytics once a week. Bigger businesses should aim to log in daily.

Improve website security

Your website is a precious and valuable asset to your business. So make 2020 the year to ramp up your site’s security. Make sure you have plugins, like Akismet Anit-Spam or Jetpack by WordPress.com, to help protect your website from spammers and hackers. These plugins scan web forms and comments and send any questionable content to SPAM. Technology is forever changing, so remember to update your online security consistently. That way, your users will always feel safe leaving private information on your site.

Need a website?

Don’t start the new decade on the back foot – just remember our five new year’s resolutions to make 2020 the most successful year for your business website. Need a website? Try Gutenize!