Release v2.7.0 – Feed Me!

We’ve released the most requested block over the past few months – The RSS Block! Forget using the standard limited WordPress RSS Block and switch over to the Gutenize RSS Block for more feed features and similar layout/design options to the Posts Block. We’ve also released a major upgrade to the Spacing options based on community feedback.

Release Notes

NEW: RSS Feed Block

  • Show Feeds in various layouts including List, Grid, Featured, Carousel, Masonry
  • Show/Hide Header and Footer with meta data including author, category, date
  • Styling options including font size, border, drop shadow, theme colors, vertical align, hover effects

Spacing – Margin and Padding

  • Added ability to specify Margin and Padding by:
    • BS4 – Bootstrap 4 CSS utility
    • PX
    • EM
    • REM
    • %
  • Added ability to enable “Auto” on margin
  • Ability to “Lock” to keep Top, Right, Bottom, Left in sync

Accordion Block

  • Added new Icons for open indicator
    • Chevron
    • Double Arrow
    • Plus/Minus
    • No icon
  • Added ability to invert icon

Section Block

  • Added ability to specify minimum height for the section in px
  • Added Featured Image focal point setting

Theme Settings

  • CSS compiler now supports WordPress multi-sites using the same theme by creating unique filenames based on the site name
  • Updated FontAwesome to latest version
  • Add option for Animated and Static Icon navbar toggler