RSS Feeds are here! We’ve released the most requested block over the past few months! The RSS feed block allows you to showcase your feeds in some pretty exciting ways. The RSS block has similar layout options to the Post Block.
We’ve also released a major upgrade to the Spacing options based on community feedback.

Release Notes

NEW: RSS Feed Block

  • Show Feeds in various layouts including List, Grid, Featured, Carousel, Masonry
  • Show/Hide Header and Footer with meta data including author, category, date
  • Styling options including font size, border, drop shadow, theme colors, vertical align, hover effects

Spacing – Margin and Padding

  • Added ability to specify Margin and Padding by:
    • BS4 – Bootstrap 4 CSS utility
    • PX
    • EM
    • REM
    • %
  • Added ability to enable “Auto” on margin
  • Ability to “Lock” to keep Top, Right, Bottom, Left in sync


  • Added ability to invert icon
  • Added new Icons for open indicator
    • Chevron
    • Double Arrow
    • Plus/Minus

Section Block

  • Added ability to specify minimum height for the section in px
  • Added Featured Image focal point setting

Theme Settings

  • Updated CSS compiler to output CSS based on the site name
  • Updated FontAwesome to latest version
  • Add option for Animated and Static Icon navbar toggler

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