Release v1.9.0 – Woo Hoo

A more powerful Gutenize WooCommerce theme integration gives you ultimate control to create the eCommerce store you deserve. With sooo many extra options not available in the default Woo plugin, this release is one to scream out “Woo Hoo”. We’ve also added plenty of other nice features and tweaked some pesky bugs. Happy Shopping!

Release Notes

BigCommerce for WordPress Plugin

  • BigCommerce template compatibility with latest plugin version.
  • Added performance enhancement to not include extra Gutenize BigCommerce functions and styles if not using it.

Blog and Archive

  • Added Masonry Grid option for Listing Layout.
  • Added visual icons for layout options.
  • Added vertical alignment for Listings.
  • Added card background image option.
  • Added more hover style effects.
  • Added option to choose image quality including Thumbnail, Medium, Large, Full.
  • Added more pagination color and styling options.
  • Added Heading and Content text size option to ‘Sidebar’.
  • Renamed ‘Template’ section ‘Archive’ to ‘Blog and Archive’.

Color Schemes

  • Added separate border colour options for General, Card, List Group, Input, HR.

Header and Navbar

  • Added option to allow extra modules to always stay visible and not collapse with menu. Useful for keep a CTA or Cart button always visible on Mobile.
  • Added more Navbar Layouts for ultimate control.
  • Renamed ‘Template’ section ‘Navbar’ to ‘Header and Navbar’.


  • Added separate logo height sizes for Primary and Secondary skins.
  • Height setting now works with SVG (if your WordPress setup allows it).


  • Updated Font Awesome 5 Free to v5.11.1
  • Updated PHP SCSS compiler.
  • Added scroll to top speed options.

Post Navigation

  • Added more color and styling options.
  • Added option to navigate within same category or all categories.
  • Added option to show post title on nav links.


  • Added a page preloader screen which fades out once the page content has loaded.
  • Choose to use an Image, Spinner Icon, Text and arrange in the order you want.
  • Option to set the background and text color.
  • The Preloader is available in the ‘Advanced’ theme option section.


  • Added responsive height spacing option.

Sub Footer

  • Added Heading and Content text size option.


  • Font attributes inherit correctly from base font size.
  • Added margin bottom override setting where applicable.

Width and Spacing

  • All global and grid width/spacing options have been consolidated into one section for a better UX.
  • Added extra spacing options for more control.
  • Added a Responsive Spacing options for Global and Grid spacing to allow larger spacing on Desktops with a subtle reduction on smaller devices.
  • Added optional Container Fluid max-width.

WooCommerce Plugin

  • With too many items to list… we’ve added sooo many cool options to get the layout you want!
  • Added option to use default Woo plugin theme options or Gutenize options.
  • Added performance enhancement to not include extra Gutenize WooCommerce functions and styles if not using it.

2 thoughts on “Release v1.9.0 – Woo Hoo

  1. Been lookin for a WooCommerce Block builder theme that works with the new Gutenberg. Pretty cool selection of extra WooComm settings you don’t get out of the box. Anything interesting coming out in the next release??

    1. Hey Greg, glad you are enjoying the WooCommerce feature we recently added. There are plenty of useful Blocks planned for future releases and many more theme options too, so be sure to check back here regularly. One Block currently in the works will be like a latest posts block but with many filters/layouts/settings that works nicely within the Gute Editor. Keep in touch and best of luck with your ecomm website.

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