Why do chatbots need a personality?

Why do chatbots need a personality?

RD-D2. Bender. The Terminator. WALL-E. What do all these guys have in common besides being totally awesome? They’re all robots. And yet, somehow, we all love them. 

So how can anyone love a bunch of steel and wires? It’s easy if they have something that you can relate to or connect with – a personality. 

Chatbots are no different. By giving your little bot a personality, you’re ensuring a deeper connection with your potential customers. In short, personality builds relationships.

Read on to discover why your chatbot needs a personality.

What is a chatbot?

So quick recap – a chatbot is a computer program that mimics and processes human conversation, mostly via text. This allows people to interact with a digital device as though it were a real-life person. Are we living in the future, or what?

You can find chatbots everywhere – on browsers, in Slack, and even on Facebook Messager. That’s because chatbots are mainly used to scale business communication. Think of them as handy little assistants that can speak to multiple customers at once without getting all flustered. Somebody get these bots the employee of the month award! 

So why do chatbots need a personality? They are just a piece of software, after all. Is it really so important if your bot has banter or not? In a nutshell – yes. But why?
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They represent your company

We’re living in an age of chatbots. Some of them are great, and others … not so much. And the ones that aren’t great can affect your brand’s image. How? Let us explain.

Remember that snobby sale assistant at that posh shop you once visited? Or that rude waiter at lunch? Bet you never went back to those establishments. Those employees’ snotty behaviour was enough to turn you off the whole business. It’s the same for chatbots.

Your chatbot is more than a computer program. It’s another employee and an extension of your brand. And just like your real-life human staff, your chatbot’s interactions have to be perfect.  If not, you could be turning away loads of potential customers.

It improves user experience

We’ve all encountered a chatbot before. And chances are we’ve all been frustrated by one as well. It’s so much easier to speak to a real human – they understand what you’re trying to say and don’t repeat the same question over and over. 

Talking to a computer program can drive your customers around the bend. They want to feel like they’ve been heard. And when your customers don’t feel like they matter, their user experience crashes. 

By giving your chatbot a personality, you’re creating a connection with your users. How? Because it’s personality that gives your bot more empathy and life. 

When your chatbot has a personality, your bot is more relatable, believable and relevant to your customers.

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