What is a lead magnet plus examples you can use

If only attracting new leads was as easy as using an actual magnet, we’d all be rich! Alas, a lead magnet in marketing is more figurative. It’s the carrot in front of the donkey or the ice-cream bribe to get your kids to eat dinner. A strategic teaser with the objective of gaining and converting leads. A lead magnet is something you offer to website visitors in exchange for their contact details to grow your database. Here’s everything you need to know about lead magnets along with some examples of effective lead magnets you can use on your own website.

What is a lead magnet?

As mentioned, a lead magnet is something you offer to website visitors in exchange for their contact details to grow your database. The objective is to grow your database to nurture leads.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say I’m a self-sufficient business owner looking for social media tips. I Google ‘social media tips’ and am taken to a website that offers a social media guide for FREE! All I have to do is submit my details and they’ll send it to me. GREAT! In the weeks that follow I receive automated emails from the website with more useful tips and a special offer of 20% off a social media package. After trying to run my social campaigns alone, I realise it’s all too complicated and decide to take them up on their 20% offer. I hand my socials over to them and they’ve made a sale.

Examples of lead magnets

Lead magnets come in all different shapes and sizes. Mostly content lead magnets or sales lead magnet.

Here are some examples of FREE content lead magnets:

  • E-books: A FREE download of an e-book packed with useful and informative information.
  • Whitepapers: An extensive report from an authoritative source that informs readers.
  • Help guides: A helpful guide on how to do something, build something or create something.
  • Training videos: A sneak peek of video content from a paid training program. A teaser of what’s to come. If they find something useful in the teaser video, they might buy the full program.
  • Newsletters: Offering useful tips, free information or notifications for special offers.
  • Templates: People love templates! It saves them time and helps them look professional.
  • Quizzes: People also love quizzes. Invite people to test their skill, take a test or learn something new about themselves through a free and exciting quiz.
  • Case studies: Case studies are a great way to showcase how you’ve helped people/businesses succeed in the past. If someone is shopping around for a new service provider, they’ll probably want to see how you’ve performed on other projects, they’ll, therefore, be keen to download some case studies.
  • Checklists: Checklists helps drive efficiency. Entice people with checklists that will improve their efficiency and ensure they don’t miss a task!

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Here are some examples of FREE sales lead magnets:

  • Discount codes and coupons: According to Convince and Convert ‘about 93% of shoppers use a coupon or discount code throughout the year.’ There’s no doubt that people are more likely to shop and check out if there is a discount code available.
  • Limited time offers: Anything that is ‘limited’ creates a sense of urgency, and urgency drives action. Telling people that they could miss out gives us major FOMO, so we submit our details.
  • FREE trials and samples: People love free stuff and if they’re serious about buying, they’ll want to try your product first.

What happens after I’ve captured all these leads?

Now that you’ve got a nice chunk of leads to nurture, you’ll need an automated marketing platform that will send out emails to the leads with more content and more offers. Here are some of the best-automated marketing platforms to help you do this.

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Building a Website?

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