Website building basics in 2020

Website building basics in 2020

Ah, the internet – what would we do without it? How would we function without our daily fix of cat videos and goofy dog memes?

The internet has come a long way since it was first launched in 1991. Now the humble website is the best way to market your business. Not only can your customers buy your product online, but they can receive updates, leave feedback, and connect directly with you via chatbots.

That’s a lot of bells and whistles, huh? The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your buyer. So what DOES your site really need? What can you leave out? We’re stripping all websites down to the bare basics in 2020, so you can get straight to business!

Chop the graphics

Once upon a time, filling your online store with images and graphics meant you had yourself one cool website. Now that over 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile phones, those groovy pictures are going to slow down your website. Not cool.

Limit the use of background images to decrease your loading time on both desktops and mobiles. And don’t even think about motion graphics. Removing these improve user experience as well as conversions – your buyers won’t turn off out of frustration.

Think mobile first

Building a ‘mobile responsive’ website? Trying to make it ‘compatible’ with mobile phones? That might have been the way to do it in 1999, but not in 2020. Who lugs around their laptop all day for a quick Google search? No one!

Today everybody uses their phone to surf the net. Design your website as though all your traffic comes from mobiles – because it will. A website with a mobile-first approach is easier and more enjoyable to use. Just watch your conversations fly through the roof!

Make your CTA obvious

Every website needs one – a Call To Action (CTA), and yours should be staring your user right in the face.

A CTA is a marketing term for anything used to encourage a response or sale from your target audience. Copy such as ‘Buy Now!’ or ‘Click Here to Learn More!’ are effective examples of CTAs.

Make your CTA hard to miss by putting it at the top of your website – or as web developers call it, ‘above the fold’. Your users will instantly understand what you are offering without any effort. Easy.

Get Colourful!

Websites aren’t a new idea anymore – there’s a lot out there. It can be hard to make yours stand out. And when your website gets lost in the noise, it’s difficult to entice users to buy from your site.

Set your website apart from the rest by creating a unique and memorable brand. Do this by using strong colour themes, fancy fonts, and images (but not too many!) that connect emotionally to the user. Just another website building basics in 2020 you should know about!

Need Help?

If you’re struggling to get that web traffic up, a simple colour change or brand redesign will make all the difference. Want to get back to the basics and redesign your website? You’ve come to the right place! We love nothing more than to talk about website building. Get some ideas from our blog, or contact us today.