How to stay connected with your customers online

How to stay connected with your customers online.

The start of 2020 has been unnerving, to say the least. COVID 19 has challenged the modern business structure as we know it, and it’s changing almost daily. More and more employees are working from home. Companies are moving their organisation online. And business owners have had to adapt to keep their livelihood afloat. But does that mean the humble customer suffers as a result? Not necessarily. The companies that survive this crisis are the ones that stay connected with their buyers – and it may not be as hard as you think. We’ve put together the best tips to help you connect with your customers while you isolate.

Update your web copy

If the business is quiet, use the opportunity to update your website (we all know that this doesn’t happen as often as it should.) Nothing generates sales like fresh content!

Take advantage of this time and freshen up your business copy, web copy, or any outdated offline copy. Your website will appear up to date and more reliable. It will also create more interest with your target audience. Additionally, you’ll give yourself, and your team, new material to discuss with new and old customers. 

Make sure you add information about your opening hours or if you are ‘business as usual’. Explain how you will support your customers and through what channels.

Do that launch now

It may seem logical to wait until the pandemic is over to unveil that new product or service, but bringing that launch forward could increase your sales. 

Online engagement is now higher than ever before as people are choosing to work from home. Studies have shown that more individuals are shopping online now than in previous years.  Depending on your product, it could be the best time to launch it!

If you’re a fitness trainer, you might start a Facebook Group with free exercises that people can do at home. This free service could change into a paid opportunity in the future. Just another way to stay connected with your customers online.

Host a free educational webinar

2020 is the year of the webinar, with many businesses using it to create more interest and sales. So why can’t you? 

Hosting a free online webinar offering tips, advice or support shows your level of commitment to helping and can also be an opportunity to grow your database. If people enjoyed what you had to offer, they may pay for it in the future.

Of course, webinars are also used as speaking opportunities in place of cancelled marketing events. So dust off that old camera and get filming!

Use video conferencing for consulting

Video conferencing through online tools like Zoom or FaceTime allow you to consult with your clients as and when you need to. Need to resolve a customer complaint or support customer communication? Want to clarify a buyer’s request now? Use these tools to provide caring face-to-face meetings. This will help bolster your customer service and show your loyalty to customer support. 

Video conferencing tools are free to download, easy to use and accessible to almost everyone. Such a small change can improve your customer service and enhance your buyer’s experience.

Use Facebook Messenger and chatbots for customer support

Chatbots and Facebook Messenger have become a vital part of business communication. If you didn’t have a chatbot before, you better get one now! Chatbots are a great way to help support your team with customer queries and scale your business communication. 

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Make sure you have set up a greeting, ‘away’ message and automated response in Facebook and that you’ve also et up FAQs and auto-responses to those FAQs.

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Make your social media more relatable

What’ another way you can stay connected with your customers online? Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are effective in shaping your company’s image and key message. Wouldn’t you want to buy from a company that showed compassion during this time? Post useful tips to keep productive and reminders to enjoy the time at home with family. You won’t need to make these posts often – just enough to show that you aren’t a faceless business and that you care about society’s well-being.

Create a virtual call centre

If your team is struggling with an influx of customer calls while working at home, consider setting up a virtual call centre. A virtual call centre is a Cloud web-based tool that supports voice, email and webchat. It can be operated anywhere in the world from multiple locations. So your customers will be able to connect you how they want when they want. Think of your improved customer satisfaction when someone can contact you via webchat in between their daily tasks. And setting up a virtual call centre isn’t as tricky as it seems – many companies such as 8×8 Virtual Contact Center have made it easy for businesses to support their customers through a virtual call centre. Looking to update your website while you’re isolating? Maybe you need more guidance on how to connect with your customers during COVID 19? Contact us here today for more helpful hints and advice.