How to monetize your content

How to monetize your content.

YouTube celebrities are actually a thing now. Just ordinary people who published some videos that went viral and are now worth millions, who would have thought? According to Hubspot, SNL’s “Lazy Sunday” was the very first video to go viral on YouTube in 2005. Since then users have been scrambling to post content that just might go viral, bringing in enough dollars to live off. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. In fact, it is very hit and miss. Some content produced plan for videos to go viral and they flop, while others have no intention of going viral and they do  – like the laughing chew bacca mask lady. Whether it’s intentional or not, content can make you money. Here are three ways that you can monetise your content.

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Through a website or blog 

Want to know how to monetize your content? Selling ad space on your website is the obvious way to earn money from your site’s content, but in order to sell ad space, you need a decent track record of engagement and loads of traffic too (at least 2,000 unique visitors per month.) There are also different ways in which you can monetise ad space on your website:


Use platforms like Google DFP to manually control who or what goes into your ad spaces. This platform is used by larger publishers as it is a paid platform. 

Programmatic ads

Advertising space is in demand. Websites (or publishers) fill this demand by supplying ad space on their website. There are millions of advertisers and publishers who want to connect to share ads and ad space. Signing up to a programmatic platform like Google AdX will allow your website to connect with millions of advertisers who are looking for ad space. Programmatic ads give you less control (of course you can exclude certain products or industries from appearing on your website), but is much cheaper than selling direct. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to plug into networks like Amazon and eBay and allow them to access your website’s ad space. You can read more about Amazon’s affiliate program here

Through social media

The second way you can monetise your content is through social media. This can be done in two ways. You could become an influencer (again, not as easy as it sounds) and use your content to gain followers and then use those followers to make money. Or, you can use Facebook’s Content Studio.

Become an Influencer

Becoming an influencer is easier said than done and it requires more than just a pretty face. If you want to join the, already competitive market, of influencers you’ll need a plan. You’ll need to create a personal brand and voice that cuts through the noise and really stands for something. You need to build up a presence that brands want to be associated with. This takes time and skill. 

Monetise your video content with Facebook Content Studio

If your page is eligible, you can start earning money from the video content you produce. How does it work? Your video will become an ad space for advertisers in Facebook’s ad network and you will earn a percentage of their ad spend. Follow these steps to check your page’s eligibility.

Just another tip on how to monetize your content!

Through content platforms


Storyful was one of the first content platforms to make the link between businesses need for authentic content and people’s desire to earn money from their videos. You can upload your videos to Storyful’s website where they’ll be stored until they’re needed. Optus worked with Storyful to source content from users for their ‘data rollover’ campaign. The ad was simply a string of user videos of things rolling over – a dog, a boy doing a backflip, a barrel rolling down a hill. The ad was so effective as it showed real, untouched footage that people connected with.

Building a Website?

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