How many blogs should I write for my website?

How many blogs should I write for my website?

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but content marketing is kinda a big deal. And blogs play a huge role in that. In fact, blogs are among the primary three forms of media used in content strategies today. So it makes sense to start a blog for your website, right?

But how much content do you need to create? The hard truth is that there is no simple answer – it’s different for everyone. But there are ways to figure it out.

Read on to learn how many blogs you should be writing for your website.

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Do the research

As much as we would love you give you an easy answer, there are just too many variables. You’re going to need to do a little research first.

Use online tools such as Ubersuggest or Moz and type in your competitors’ domains. Tools like this specialise in highlighting keywords. But you will use these tools to show you all of your competitors’ top-ranking and most popular pages. Luckily for you, some pages will be blogs that they have already posted.

Make a list

Now the real work begins. Make a list of all of your competitors’ blog posts. That’s right – all of them. It doesn’t matter what field you’re in. There are countless blogs out there about every industry – so get ready to write a long list.

Making a list gives you an understanding of any overlapping topics. It will also point out which articles are similar, and what subjects your competitors have and haven’t written about.

Look over your list. Makes it pretty clear how much content needs to be covered, doesn’t it?

How successful are your blogs?

Time to look back at your competitors. Just how successful are they? Is their website popular? Does it get a lot of online traffic? Those online tools you used earlier will help you determine how competitive those websites are. In fact, Ubersuggest and Moz give each page a ‘domain score’ or ‘domain authority’ – a search engine score numbered between 1 to 100. Don’t forget that number – it’s key to how much content you need to create.

Start writing!

Remember those little domain scores from earlier? Keep it in a safe place. It’s going to help you figure out how many blogs you need to write.

If the domain scores of those other websites are low – 40 or under – you will be able to easily outrank them. Simply create the same amount of content as they do. Want to score even higher? Post even more blogs and content than your competitors. So get busy and start writing!

But what should you do if your competitors’ domain numbers are high? Any score that is 60 or over is considered high-ranking.

Easy – go back to your blog list from before. What’s missing? Are there any content gaps that need filling? Maybe there are topics that only a few people write about, but still receives a lot of traffic. So post fewer blogs, but focus on writing about subjects not written about before.

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