COVID-19 social media do’s and don’ts

COVID-19 social media do’s and don’ts

Just when you think you’ve figured out how to best market your business on social media – WHOOSH – Coronavirus comes along and rips the rug from under your feet. There were never any hard and fast rules for social media before – it was fun, right? But it seems that COVID-19 has left many companies dazed and scrambling.

So what should your social media look like now? Should you even post anymore? What should you say? Fear not! We’ve rustled up the major do’s and don’ts of social media to get your business through this pandemic.

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The do’s

Keep posting!

We know you’re stressed to the max, but keep posting your amazing original content! Disappearing from social media is almost the same as closing your doors. Now people are spending more time than ever online – so take advantage of this. Use this opportunity to really engage and connect with your followers.

Publish content on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. And don’t forget to publish Stories on Instagram and Facebook – these get great reach with little effort. 

Remember to always remain authentic and relevant to your followers.

Talk about it

We know it’s all doom and gloom out there. So you might be tempted to ignore what’s happening or act as though nothing has changed. Trust us – it’s not a good strategy. Carrying on as if everything is completely normal will make your brand look inauthentic. Talk about it. Show what your company is doing amidst the crisis, and what promotions you’re offering during this time.

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Try something new

There’s a whole wide world out there – why not use the pandemic as a chance to teach your followers something new? Got a restaurant? Make a video on how to make fresh pasta. Run a yoga studio? Post some medication tips. Sharing your industry’s best-kept secrets is just another clever way to engage with your customers – and you might even gain a follower or two.

The Don’ts

Tone down the emotion

We get it – this whole COVID-19 has got you down. But keep your emotions in check. Using phrases like ‘we’re devastated’, ‘world crumbling’ and ‘catastrophic’ will lower confidence in your brand. Not to mention make you look like a snivelling mope.

Focus on the bright side instead. How can your business use this time to educate your followers? What more can you do to connect with your customers? Posting ‘we’ve got this’, and ‘we’re here to help’ is far more powerful and uniting.

Just another one of our COVID-19 social media do’s and don’ts!

Be careful what you share

So you’re on broad with the whole ‘using this time to educate’ thing. You’re sharing links and articles all over the place. Great! Just do your research first. Is this article you’re about to share fake news? The last thing you want to do is contribute to the COVID-19 panic. A quick Google fact check will set you straight.

Use Snopes to check if an article is real or fake!

Don’t leverage the crisis

Your business is unique, necessary, and important. That hasn’t changed just because of the coronavirus crisis. So keep promoting it that way. We know times might be tough right now, but don’t use social media to beg for money for your services. Focus on selling your amazing products, your awesome customer service, or incredible knowledge – not your circumstances.

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