How to increase brand engagement on social media

6 tips to increase brand engagement on social media.

So you’ve read all the books, done all the right things and worked hard. You’ve built your business from the ground up – but something isn’t quite right. You offer fantastic service, quality goods and lifetime warranties. So why can’t you get the sales?

You may need to work on your brand engagement. And thanks to social media, it’s easy, effective, and budget-friendly. You might even enjoy it!

Not sure where to start? Don’t stress – we’re here for you. Read on to learn the top six tips to increase brand engagement on social media.

What is brand engagement?

Imagine this – you need a new pair of trainers. There are thousands of shoes out there, so how do you choose? Google Reviews? Amazon? Why waste your time? You want sneakers from your favourite brand, of course. You’ve used them for years – you know that your new shoes will be high quality, and you like what the company represents.

This is brand engagement – an emotional or rational attachment between a consumer and a brand. It’s customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals. And it’s what can take your business to the next level.

Make your content useful

Social media is a great way to promote your products, sales, and news. While that’s fascinating for you, your followers might not agree.

Post content that relates to your product, and that your audience will find useful – like tutorials, videos or tips. This will increase engagement and encourage your followers to stick around. 

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Ask questions

Ask your followers about their weekend. What holiday they’re planning next. When they ate out last. Reply to their responses.

It’s a simple way to encourage engagement and build a connection with your audience. You can even ask for feedback on your service, or what product people would like to see next. 

Share other brand’s posts

Don’t make it all about marketing. Use social media to connect with other like-minded businesses. It’s never been easier – simply share some of their posts that you enjoy, or that you think are useful. Your audience will appreciate you spreading the information.

Don’t forget to write back

Social media is a two-way street – it only works if you interact back with your followers. So engage with your audience and respond to their posts.

You don’t need to write back to all the comments, but do pay close attention to complaints, questions, and suggestions. It shows that you care what your customers have to say.   

Put it in one place

Use a social media aggregator tool like Curator to pool all your social media pages to one place. Now you can interact with your followers from a single source. It will make things less confusing, and you won’t miss any important posts.

Curator also helps with hashtags and points out any mentions. So you can increase your brand engagement even more.    

And have fun!

It doesn’t have to be all business on your social media. Have some fun with it! Post funny memes, or quirky videos. Not only will your followers enjoy it, but they’ll also be more likely to share your content. So you can get a bigger reach! 

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