5 ways to grow your email list

5 ways to grow your email list

Is your business collecting email addresses right now? If you answered ‘no’, make sure you read this blog. Gathering email addresses that you can market to is just one way of generating leads for your business. According to optinmonster, ‘your email list naturally degrades by about 25% every year’, so it’s important to keep a steady flow of fresh email addresses coming in.

‘How do I get people to give me their email address?’, you ask? Sit tight! We’ve got some ideas for you in this blog.

Offer free trials or samples

Who doesn’t love a free gift? Offer users a small sample or free trial of your service. But to receive it, they must fill in an online form. Instantly you have a name and email address to add to your database.

And that free sample? The user loved it and has returned to your online store to buy it. Two birds – one stone!

Create a landing page

A landing page is a stand-alone webpage that is used for specific offers or services. The visitor will ‘land’ onto that page after clicking an ad (Google Ad, display ad or ad on social media, for example)

Landing pages are great for generating leads as they focus on one message alone. They can even be designed so that the visitor has to fill out a form before they can access the offer. And boom! Another email for your database.

Start a competition to grow your email list

Creating a competition is a good way to get people’s attention. People are more likely to give up their email address if they know they can win something! But it must be done carefully. If your competition is too tacky, customers will be put off. If it’s too generic, then the leads you generate will not be useful. 

Create a competition with your potential customers in mind. If you own a sports clothing store, run a competition giving away something that only someone who is interested in sport would actually want to win. That way, you know that you’ve got an email address/person you can actually market to later. 

You can also offer a prize specific to your business. The entries may be lower, but at least you will know that the entries are genuinely interested in your business, and not the prize. Just another way to grow your email list.

Website forms

When it comes to generating leads and growing your database, nothing is better than your website. But it’s not enough for someone to merely visit your site. Their information must be collected for you to nurture the lead. That’s where the website form comes in.

Place the website form on a page that gets a lot of traffic. Your visitor needs to see the form and be enticed to fill it in.

Content marketing helps grow your email list

One of the best ways to add to your database and create leads is to connect with your potential buyer. It isn’t as hard as it sounds – all you need is some good content marketing.

Start a blog for your company. Aim to answer the most common queries you hear regarding your industry. Maybe your blog might answer a potential customer’s question. And just like that, you’ve made a connection with that person. Make your content so valuable that visitors are happy to sign up to your newsletter. They have access to all your useful advice, and you have their email. Win, win.

Great Designs Can Generate Leads

A killer website is another way of generating leads for your business, so make sure it looks AWESOME! If your website needs a revamp, try Gutenize! Gutenize a simple block builder that helps you build beautiful websites FAST.

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