4 reasons why you need video in your marketing plan

A marketing plan without video is like a fishing rod without a reel. Just like the reel brings in the catch, video helps you catch and capture your customers’ attention and is one of the most important weapons in your marketing arsenal.

Video allows you to communicate with your audience in an engaging way, helping you educate, inspire and connect with them. Video helps you tell a story and build trust with your followers. It also improves your social media reach and engagement. Did we mention it helps improve your SEO too? And it’s for all these reasons and more that in 2019 (and moving into 2020) you need to have video in your marketing plan. So, let’s cast our eyes over these 4 reasons why you need video in your marketing plan.

Video for reach and engagement

If you’ve already dipped your toes in publishing video on social media, you would have noticed the massive difference in organic reach. If your toes have not yet been dipped, experiment this week. Publish some static images and then publish a video – the video should get a much higher reach. It should also get more shares. According to Wordstream, videos on Facebook are 12 times more likely to get shares than images.

Viewers are also more likely to comment on video content. Video captures a lot more than a static image; more angles, more quotes, more visuals, more content, so there’s naturally more to comment on.

Facebook favours video content because Facebook wants video content on its platform. Consumers also want to watch video – it’s up to us to make sure that we’re meeting that demand.

Here are some content ideas for your marketing videos:

  • Capture happy customers with video testimonials. What better way to showcase your services than with a video from one of your happy customers? Customer advocacy is a great way to get new business. Shoot and share a customer testimonial on your website and social channels.
  • Have some fun with Facebook Livestream. People love watching content in real-time. Host a live Q&A session or an office walkthrough, introducing your team to your followers.
  • Inform and excite your customers with a ‘how-to’ video. Show your potential customers how a product or service works in a ‘how-to’ video. These videos don’t have to be super high-end, they just need to achieve the objective of informing and exciting viewers. Check out these 17 examples of awesome explainer videos from Hubspot.

Video to improve your SEO and the importance of YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? YouTube is a place where people go to learn how to do things, watch reviews, browse for inspiring content, learn about the world. People spend A LOT of time on YouTube, so it’s important that you meet your customers where they’re spending their time and serve up video that they’ll connect with.

Publishing video on YouTube, your website, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn helps improve your SEO. Google likes video content too, and writing about topics that people are searching for, and accompanying that text with a video helps your business rank in Google.

TIP: make sure that you label your files with the keyword you want that content to be associated with. Write a description for your video content. Video is great – text and video are better.

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Video to tell a story

People love a good story. Storytelling is an effective marketing tool that helps you capture the hearts of people, making your brand memorable. Use video to tell the story of how your business started, how it’s grown or how you’ve helped real customers with real problems.

Nike, for example, is known for its epic storytelling ability. Nike shares its brand values using stories from real athletes and real people. They’re simple and compelling.

Warby Parker Eyewear is another one. They oppose the high-priced eyewear industry and provide affordable eyewear to the public sharing profits with nonprofit partners in communities and developing countries.

Here are 7 companies killing their brand-driven stories.

Video to educate and inform

Can you think of a product you’ve purchased without knowing anything about it? Probably not. That’s because no one will buy a product unless they know everything there is to know about it. Video helps you educate and inform customers about what your product or service does (and doesn’t do). It helps you showcase how the product works and tell the story of the benefits the product can bring to the buyer’s life.

If you can educate, inform and connect with your viewers, you’ll have a much higher chance of making a sale.

TIP: Use video to enhance your marketing text (web copy, social media copy. etc.) Aim for no more than two minutes for a ‘how-to’ or testimonial video, about one minute for an information video and no more than 30 seconds for a brand video.

It’s time to get reel!

Video content is a really easy and effective way to ramp up your online presence, engagement and eventually sales, so get reel and start shooting some videos for your business! Use the tips in this blog and comment with how they worked for you in the comments below.

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