4 awesome Chrome extensions to help with your marketing strategy

4 awesome Chrome extensions to help with your marketing strategy.

Your time is precious. We get that. You’ve got a business to run, websites to update, and a marketing strategy to organise. You barely have time to do it all. What if we told you there are marketing tools out there designed just for you? Tools that make life easier AND save you loads of time? They exist. And they’re called Chrome extensions. So read on to discover 4 awesome Chrome extensions to help with your marketing strategy.

What is a Chrome extension, anyway?

So glad you asked! You probably already know, and might even be using them without realising it. Take a look at your browser. Now look in the top right-hand side. Do you see anything? A button you click when you need extra help, maybe?

That’s it! An extension is a small software program that customises your browser. This way, you can tailor Chrome to suit your needs.

So how can these little programs help with your marketing strategies? Let us show you.

First Chrome extension – Grammarly

We know you’re a wiz on the computer, but that doesn’t mean you’re next William Shakespeare. Writing is hard. And your website will look pretty unprofessional if it’s filled with spelling mistakes and grammar errors.

Grammarly is way cheaper than an editor – in fact, it’s free! Download the extension to instantly eliminate any pesky typos and writing errors. It’s more advanced than the spell check in Office Word, and will work across all websites – WordPress, Facebook, Outlook, you name it!


In simple terms, BuzzSumo breaks down how any piece of content or topic performs online. But it does so much more than that.

Use this extension to analyse the performance metrics of any web page you visit. That way, you can understand what content works, and what doesn’t. BuzzSumo also retains billions of data points from other websites. So study this information and change your marketing strategy accordingly.

Pinching ideas from other popular websites to improve your own marketing? Yes, please! Just one of the reasons why we love this Chrome extension!


Admit it – we all love a good snoop. And if you want to stand out from your competitors, you’ll need to know what makes them so successful.

MozBar allows you to go full spy mode by analysing how popular your rivals are. Run an SEO overview on any web page or search. Or study their online content and social media engagement. You can even see their backlinks and domain authority.

Use this information to improve your own marketing strategy. We won’t tell if you don’t.

Keyword Surfer

Ever heard of a little program called Keywords Everywhere? It offers incredibly detailed SEO reports on any page you visit. Once upon a time, it was a free extension, but now you need to pay to use it. Not on our watch!

Keyword Surfer does the same thing, but without the price tag. Discover the best keywords in your country or even the world. Or use one of the many other similar keywords Keyword Surfer suggests. It also estimates how much traffic your domain will receive.

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