3 website design changes for Christmas

3 website design changes for Christmas.

We all know the classic Christmas line, ‘’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse’. But you know who that doesn’t apply to? Your customers.

You might be closed for the Christmas holidays, but your potential buyers aren’t. Many people still shop online after the big day to snatch up bargains. Think of all the sales you could be missing out on.

A few simple tweaks to your website are all you need to keep your customers happy. Here’s our list of top website design changes for Christmas…Read 3 essential maintenance tasks for your website

Let them know your new opening times

Imagine this: it’s Christmas eve, and you’ve forgotten Aunty Brenda’s present. You jump online and find the perfect gift. The good news? It’s in stock, in-store, and the shop is open. Christmas is saved!

You race down only to see that the shop … is closed. The website hasn’t updated their holiday hours. How will you explain this to old Aunty Brenda?

You may have updated your Christmas hours on your social media channels, but don’t forget about your website. Many buyers research a company online first, so your site must be clear and up to date.

So what website design changes should you make? Use a banner to get your message across. Your potential customers won’t miss it.

When will it arrive?

Sure, you’re going to get a lot of sales before Christmas. But the rush won’t stop there. In fact, the Australian Retailers Association predicts that we will spend a whopping $18.72 billion across retail stores during the post-Christmas trading period, an increase of 2.3% from a year ago.

Take advantage of this and advertise your key delivery dates. Make it obvious with a banner, or post it on your home page. List when you will dispatch and when you expect delivery. Not only does this improve your customer’s experience, but it could be what encourages them to buy from you. Just more website design changes that will have your customers coming back for more.

Schedule it

Just because you’re on holiday, doesn’t mean the internet is as well. People may still be looking for your services online – and it’s not a good look if you go silent.

Keep your socials active over Christmas. Use scheduling tools like Later or Buffer to pre-schedule your social media posts. Make your content on-theme and engaging. Ask your followers if Santa got them what they wanted. Or just wish them a merry Christmas.

Facebook and Instagram posts aren’t the only things you can schedule ahead of time. Blogs can be scheduled too. Pre-scheduling blogs are a breeze with platforms like WordPress.

Speaking of WordPress, Gutenize is a simple block builder that helps you build beautiful websites fast. We provide an easy to use environment for beginners wanting to learn and create professional websites with WordPress. Intrigued? Content us here to get started. 

Write about topics that will be helpful to your buyers in the weeks leading to Christmas, and time them accordingly. For example, a blog on how an amazing company (like yours!) should handle Christmas returns would be ideal for an Ecommerce website. 

Building a Website?

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