Best heat mapping tools for your WordPress website

Best heat mapping tools for your WordPress website

If the term “heat mapping” brings infrared cameras, night vision goggles and thermal imaging of the military kind to mind, you’re not far off. Much like the images we see in catch-the-bad-guy movies, heat mapping gives us a way to detect activity and measure its intensity.

Heat mapping 101: The basics

When applied to websites, heat mapping gives you a visual representation of website visitors’ behaviour.  Use this plugin and in a snap, you’re able to see where hot spots lie, and where visitors tend to “cool down”. 

By displaying non-numerical data – colours in place of numbers – you’re able to ascertain trends, glitches and dead zones; quickly and easily. And, heatmaps look pretty cool.

Why does your website need heat mapping?

Heat mapping offers a heap of valuable information for digital analysts, marketing professionals, and product owners. 

For example, it illustrates why visitors aren’t converting, indicates unexpected user behaviour, shows ROE results that weigh up marketing spend vs customer acquisition. It also accurately detects the fold line, gives an overview that helps you to strategize, and records legacy behaviour that allows you to detect changes in visitor behaviour.

Google Analytics vs Heatmapping

If Google Analytics is the bones, heatmapping is the muscles, organs and the bloodstream. You need them to function together. Both tools present particular kinds of data that have relevance for different aspects of your business. 

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Our Favourite Four Heatmapping tools for WordPress websites 

Heatmapping tools tend to offer the same basic, standard features but many also offer unique stand-out benefits. The size of your brand along with your brand’s particular needs will determine which heatmapping tool is the ideal fit for you.

Crazy Egg

Number 1 sounds fun! Over and above click heatmaps, mouse cursor heatmaps, and scroll heatmaps, Crazy Egg offers a stand-out feature called Confetti. Confetti distinguishes heatmap data according to traffic source which is particularly useful in determining which of your platforms should receive the most attention. 

Crazy Egg starts at a fair price of around $9/month for 10 000 visitors. It offers a 30-day free trial and is simple to install and implement. 

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange’s claim to fame is ease-of-use. Their standard offering includes heatmap tracking for clicks, movement, and scrolling. Their plans also include a wide range of additional features that including live chat, surveys & polls, daily email reports, user recordings, conversion funnels and of course, dynamic heatmaps and a real-time dashboard.    

As a comprehensive mapping tool, it also includes form analytics in its offering.

At only $10/month for 25 000 visitors, it is one of the most economical heatmapping options. 


Mouseflow offers click heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, and movement heatmaps, as well as attention heatmaps. Over and above these standard features it offers custom funnels that allow you to understand how users from different traffic sources behave while visiting your site. 

Mouseflow’s standout benefit is that it indicates why website visitors are abandoning your forms.  However, it doesn’t allow for surveying or polling. 

At a starting price of $29/month, it is still a well-priced offering that is suited to medium-sized brands.


By combining analytics and feedback tools, Hotjar offers a broad overview of your website, along with how visitors experience it. 

Their analytics tools encompass click, tap, scroll and mouse movement heatmaps, as well as visitor recordings, conversion funnels and form analytics. Their feedback tools include polls, surveys and instant visual data from incoming feedback. 

Hotjar has different plans that are suited to different kinds of brands. And, their pricing isn’t contingent on the number or site visitors but rather works on an on-demand basis versus an always-on basis. 

Their pricing starts at $29/month for 10 000 views. By amalgamating apps that combine analytics with optimisation, it’s a heat mapping trailblazer and gives you bang for your buck.

Start with your unique needs

There is a plethora of heat mapping tools, which means narrowing down your selection might take some time. While some tools may offer more in-depth data, they also come with a heftier price tag – which may be overkill in terms of your requirements and therefore may not be suited to your needs. 

Before you decide your heatmapping partner should be, we suggest dedicating some time to outlining exactly what your needs are. This way, you can be matched with the right heatmapping tool.

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