Virtual reality 101 and VR campaigns we love

Virtual reality 101 and VR campaigns we love.

If you’re like me, when you think of virtual reality you think of Neo from ‘The Matrix’ in his emo trench coat and speed dealer sunnies. Or you might think of Arnold Schwarzenegger peeling out of a monster-man suit in the 80s classic ‘Total Recall’. Virtual reality seemed so futuristic back then. And now it’s here! We’re in the century of virtual reality and we use it in our everyday lives. Despite ‘virtual reality’ seeming incredibly complicated and futuristic – it’s really quite simple.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a computer-generated three dimensional (3D) image or environment that immerses the user in an experience – making them feel like they are there. A virtual reality experience could be as simple as uploading a photo of yourself to an eCommerce clothing store and ‘trying’ on different clothes (without actually being in the store) or as grand as exploring the moon from the comfort of your couch.

Basic virtual reality examples

Before we get into the big leagues here are some simplistic examples of virtual reality. 

  • Avatar images: Facebook Avatars, for example, are considered a form of VR. You create an alternate version of yourself that doesn’t actually exist but you can interact with your avatar as if it were a real person. 
  • Smart glasses: Wearable computer glasses that allow you to feel like you are in the video game or to show you what a couch might look like in your home. 

Virtual reality is cool, it’s innovative and it’s a fun and engaging way to get your customers to immerse themselves in your brand.

Here are four examples of virtual reality campaigns that rocked our world!

Oreo takes viewers on a sweet journey through delicious white Orea rivers and rolling chocolate canyons. You’ll be craving Oreos by the time it’s done!

TopShop – 360° Fashion Show Virtual Experience

TopShop nailed their 360° virtual experience by shooting a POV live stream from a fashion show making customers feel like they were actually there brushing shoulders with Kate Moss. See the fashion, feel the fashion, BUY the fashion!

Volvo – XC90 Test Drive VR

Vroom vroom! Volvo’s marketing was lagging behind a bit until they proved they are just as mod as BMW and Mercedes with this awesome VR campaign. Volvo created the very first virtual reality test drive in their VR campaign.

Just another virtual Reality 101 and VR campaigns that we love!

Merrell – Trailscape VR

Merrell is an American footwear company that embraced VR with their Trailscape VR campaign. Always wanted to hike Yosemite Valley in Italy? Me too! Pop on a pair of VR glasses and explore the VR version of the valley.

Feeling inspired?

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