Top 7 sources for web design inspiration

Top 7 Sources for Web Design Inspiration

What’s scarier than a blank screen? Or more frustrating than not knowing what to do? What’s more soul-destroying than sitting in front of your computer, praying for some innovation? Nothing – if you’re a web designer.

Your website needs to stand out. It needs to be original and look amazing. But what if you find yourself having a mental blank? What you need is some inspiration. Being creative doesn’t just happen, after all. It’s sourced. And web design isn’t any different.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or just starting out – we all have the same roadblocks from time to time.

So to help you along, we’ve pulled together our favourite seven sources to find inspiration for your next web design. You can thank us later.


Panda is a handy little Google Chrome extension that opens a home page bustling with new ideas for web desgin. All you need to do is select the layout you prefer and the websites you visit the most, and Panda will do the rest. This extension keeps a database of your favourite sites for you to borrow ideas from later. It also is a great way to do a little bit of personal curation for yourself – which might prove distracting when you’re trying to get some work done.


If you’re looking for something simple and straight-forward to inspire you, then look no further than siteInspire. It pulls together some of the most creative and visually striking websites and displays them on an easy to use platform. The simple grid layout means you can see multiple sites at once, without becoming confused or overwhelmed. siteInspire also has the most in-depth and detailed search function you’ll ever see – so you can search by website type, subject, style, or platform.


Want to see what all the bigwigs use? Then you’re going to want to check out Awwwards. With a well-designed grid layout, a constant stream of new content, and a new website featured every day, it’s no wonder why Awwwards has become the go-to for expert web designers. Its award-winning search function allows you to search by colours, technologies, categories, awards, tags, and more. Use Awwwards as a launching pad for new ideas – it won’t steer you wrong!


Are you addicted to Pinterest? Then do we have the tool for you! Designspiration is the Pinterest of the web design world. Save images, articles, or inspiration from a visual platform – except instead of photos of cakes you’ll never make (we all have them!), it’s all design related. Scroll through countless examples of well-designed sites that you can save for later. And because the whole site is dedicated to all things web design, you won’t have to scour through thousands of images of pottery and cupcakes. It’s a win-win!

It’s essential to have a website that is creative and original. It’s also important to have that same site look just as good across multiple devices – which is where comes in. See how your site looks on a PC, mobile, or tablet. The site also shares web design tips and articles on responsive design, development, marketing, and strategy content. It even has its own podcast!

99designs’ Discover

Sometimes scrolling through the web isn’t enough to find inspiration– you got to go straight to the source. Thank goodness 99designs’ Discover allows you to connect directly with the web designer! Just find your favourite site on the platform and message the creator for some one-on-one guidance. Feeling lazy? Commission the designer to do the work for you. Not the chatty type? No problem. Peruse through thousands of web designer portfolios at your leisure. You can even search for a site by the designer. Getting web design inspiration has never been easier.


David Hellman founded BWG (Best Website Gallery) in 2008 as a personal collection of inspiring web designs. As you can imagine, Hellman has accumulated quite a few designs since then, making his site one of the most comprehensive platforms on the list. There are even a few articles on web design and development. But its coolest feature is the ability to filter your results by CMS or framework. This is very handy if you already know how you want to create your website.

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