The 5 best apps for mental health

The 5 best apps for mental health

We’re all in this together! Just because you‘re self-isolating it doesn’t mean you’re alone. Sure, we’ve gone through some changes and feel a bit unsettled but with the help of the internet, we can keep ourselves connected with friends and family and maybe even use the opportunity for some self-improvement. Your mental health is important, so we thought we’d share the five best apps for mental health.

1. Headspace

For mindfulness and meditation

Headspace is meditation and mindfulness for dummies. It takes away all the hoodoo voodoo language and chimney music and fun cartoons to explain what mindfulness is and how to practice it. 

The mental health app is broken down into bitesize sessions to help you ease into meditation. You can select certain tracks based on your mood (stressed, worried, even happy!) 

If you’re playing Mum, Dad, teacher AND working, it’s important that you can even just 5 mins to lock yourself away, put your headphones on and practise breathing and calming the mind. 

2. Moodlift

To lift and track your mood

A bit like going for a job to feel good physically, Moodlift helps lift your mental mood. The app helps you navigate through your feelings and emotions. This app is probably more suited to people who are susceptible to anxiety and depression.

You’re given a questionnaire that helps the app determine what tips and advice to give you at that moment. There are files, articles, audio files and videos to help you get through the funk.

You can track your moods to see if you can identify common patterns or cause and effects (like days of the week or food you are eating) and can also practice meditation and mindfulness.

3. Happify

Science-based activities and games to lift your mood

Okay, this might actually be our favourite. This mental health app helps you overcome stress, negative thoughts and feelings through science-based games that help stimulate your mind. You don’t need to be happy all the time, but Happify helps you dust off those mental cobwebs and gives you tools and tips to deal with stress, anxiety and feelings of uncertainty.

4. Sanvello

For mental health, stress and anxiety

The best thing about this app is that you can connect with other people. When you’re feeling off, lonely or well – isolated – it helps to talk to someone. Especially if that someone is going through the same thing as you.

The app offers coaching, therapy, peer support and self-care advice. They are currently offering the premium app for FREE – check it out here.

5. Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

While not as flashy looking, this app is filled with so many helpful resources to guide you through your journey. It’s more suitable for people are suffering from depression and anxiety, as opposed to people who just need stress relief or want to practice mindfulness. Cognitive behavioural therapy is the process of helping you address and manage unwanted or negative thoughts. It helps you dissociate with your thoughts and understand that your thoughts are not always you.

If you are concerned about your mental health, or the mental health of a loved one contact Beyond Blue. Beyond Blue is an Australian independent non-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, suicide, anxiety disorders and other related mental disorders.

Stay safe, stay home, but stay connected!