How to build a website: 5 steps to website creation

How to build a website: 5 steps to website creation.

Has the thought of creating a website got you shaking in your boots? Relax and take a chill pill. 

Building a bespoke branded website doesn’t need to be daunting! These days you can find almost anything online, with plenty of free resources now available to help you design and build your very own site. In fact, website creation can be achieved in a measly 5 steps. 

Whether you’re a small business owner or an innovative startup, it’s time to go digital!

Step 1: Domain name

When we say ‘domain’, we’re basically referring to the bit before the ‘’ in a website URL. Easy, right?

You’ll need to buy a unique and available domain name that reflects your brand and business. This is going to help customers understand what your website is about. 

You can also create business email addresses using the domain name you purchase, to keep communication online professional. Just remember to use an auDA authorised organisation to find and purchase a domain name.

Step 2: Hosting

Next comes hosting. You’ll need to find a web hosting company who will keep your website online and your load web on point. These companies usually charge a monthly fee. But if you purchase an annual package you might be able to save yourself some money. 

Most major internet service providers offer web hosting services but you can also shop around online to see if you can get a better deal.

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Step 3: Pick a platform

Once you’ve secured your unique domain name and hosting platform, you can start to build your site. 

Picking a website builder is important and there are many options to choose from – such as Wix, WordPress and Squarespace

Not sure which one to use? WordPress is considered one of the easiest website platforms to use thanks to its drag and drop interface. With plenty of mobile-ready website themes and built-in optimization and responsive features, you can create a bespoke branded website in minutes.

Step 4: Create content and source images

Finally found a theme you like? Perfect! Let’s bulk out the site with content and images. 

Think about why you’re creating a website and who your target market is. You’ll need to make it very clear on the homepage what your website is about and what users can expect from your site. Ain’t nobody got time to scroll through a confusing website.

Create an ‘About Us’ page and tell your story. Make ‘Service’ or ‘Product’ pages if you’re an ecommerce website. Make a ‘Contact Us’ page so that people can get in touch with questions or queries. And remember, not everything has to be dry and boring. Add a little flair in your copy. Crack a couple of jokes.

Images should be your own or taken from a site that has commercial use copyright free images, like Pexels or Unsplash.

A well-designed and professional site will be noticed by your visitors. Think of your website as your digital shop floor – it’s your first opportunity to impress your target audience online! 

Step 5: Install essential plugins

To make it easy to edit, develop and manage your brand new website, download and install a couple of must-have WordPress plugins. Plugins can help you to track key metrics such as traffic and conversions, and others can help you increase your visibility within the search results through SEO. 

Here are 3 top plugins to install if you’re using WordPress:

1: Yoast SEO your right-hand man when it comes to digital marketing and content creation.

2: Elementor to design and create pages on your website that are different from your installed website theme.

3: MonsterInsights displays features of Google Analytics within the WordPress admin dashboard, allowing instant access to traffic, clicks and visitor demographic data.

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