Does My Website Need a Chatbot?

Chatbots. What Are They and Does My Website Need One?

Have you ever got to a website, had a browse through the products and services and then had a heap of questions you want to ask? You might be at work, so calling them isn’t convenient. Their Facebook response time doesn’t look great. If only there was a way you could get the answers to your questions right then and there! DING! Enter the Chatbot.

A chatbot is a ‘computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users.’

Why do I need a chatbot?

Before someone purchases something, they generally have questions about the product or service. The answers help nudge them towards a purchase. Having a virtual assistant on your site can help you make sales simply by being there to help website visitors with their queries.

Chatbots help inform customers and assist them through their purchase journey. They’re there to support and scale business relationships with your customers.

Benefits of a chatbot on your website

  • Convenience and efficiency: Super convenient for the customer and gives them all the good feels when they experience swift and efficient customer service.
  • 24/7 support: Your chatbot is always on. This helps supports staff and customers.
  • Higher conversions and lower CPA: Chatbots assist in the sales process and can acquire customers with no human support reducing the cost per acquisition.

How does it know what to say?

Your chatbot is populated with a long list of questions and answers during set up. Knowing your business, the way you do, you might already have some FAQs up your sleeve that you know people will ask. Most chatbot programs will give you a framework so you know what content to provide.

What’s the difference between a chatbot and a virtual assistant?

Generally, chatbots are company orientated whereas virtual assistants are designed to be user-oriented (like Siri).

So, does my website need a chatbot?

We say, YES! People have the expectation of being greeted by a chatbot, websites should meet this expectation and provide convenient communication that the customer is looking for. You can support your sales team and assist your potential customers without having to do much. Bonus!

Best chatbots for WordPress

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