Bootstrap 4 – The Ideal Design Framework

Whether you’re a full-stack developer, front-end developer or a UI digital designer with average HTML/CSS/JS knowledge – Bootstrap 4 is an excellent design framework to make your new best friend! There are so many reasons why Bootstrap 4 is a solid choice for your next web project, and we’ve listed our top 10 below.

1. Easy to learn and fast to use

Bootstrap has a very well documented website and only requires basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to get started. Besides the official Bootstrap website, there are so many examples, snippets and how-to’s on the internet you can feel confident you’ll find a solution for what you are trying to achieve, and readily implement into your own website.

2. Mobile-first responsive design

Bootstrap is developed for mobile-first, and then scaled up via responsive breakpoints for Tablet, Desktop, TV, Projector and anything in-between. This is the opposite philosophy to designing a standard desktop website first and then stripping or hiding items away for smaller devices. In saying that, you can still control what is visible and hidden on all responsive breakpoints, giving you ultimate control.

To expand on the ‘responsive breakpoints’ definition in more detail, this simply means that Bootstrap uses CSS media queries to adjust the layout, including content and images, according to the available screen size, also referred to as viewport. This allows the website content to better fit in the view area whether on mobile, tablet or desktop. You may have noticed this on your desktop when you shrink the browser and everything rearranges, or when tilting you tablet or phone from portrait to landscape mode. It’s all the same website!

From a performance standpoint, mobile-first strategies generally run smoother on slower processing power, with touch controls and accessibility taken into consideration for a faster mobile experience.

3. Components

Bootstrap comes shipped with around 24 components which are well designed, themed beautifully, and play nice with each other. These components are very practical and you will find you end up using many of them over the course of building a few different website. Bootstrap components are a huge time saver with immediate results, and you can always modify, combine or make your own.

Check out the following Bootstrap components to see how they work: Alerts, Badge, Breadcrumb, Buttons, Button Group, Card, Carousel, Collapse, Dropdowns, Forms, Input Group, Jumbotron, List Group, Media Object, Modal, Navs, Navbar, Pagination, Popovers, Progress, Scrollspy, Spinners, Toasts, Tooltips.

4. Powerful grid system

Possibly one of the best features of Bootstrap is the Grid System. The Grid System is made up of Containers, Rows and Columns to layout and align content. Thanks to flexbox, the Bootstrap 4 Grid is more powerful than ever, allowing you to swap, flip, hide, show, rearrange, align, justify content in any way!

The Grid includes a handy twelve column system, five responsive tiers (which you can add more), Sass variables, Mixins, and heaps of predefined classes, which you can customize till your hearts content.

Read more about Bootstrap Grid.

5. Themes and Theming

Theming with Bootstrap is fairly straightforward, and once you get the hang if it, you can create new theme pretty quickly. There are so many free and paid themes, and also basic theme generators available for Bootstrap so you can get started very quickly.

Bootstrap has its own theme store but all major theme markets such as Template Monster, WrapBootstrap or Envato Theme Forrest have many choices.

If you want to build your own theme from scratch that is also possible and essentially comes down to your creativity and some more in-depth HTML and CSS experience. Our next point covers CSS preprocessors which greatly improve the way in which a theme can be developed and maintained.

6. CSS Preprocessor with Sass

CSS preprocessors like Sass and Less are tools that bring amazing features to standard CSS like Variables, Mixins and Functions, which result in clean, reusable and extensible code.

If you’re not familiar with a preprocessor that is completely fine and you can customise using standard CSS. However, if you want to extend your knowledge of CSS we highly recommend looking into it.

7. Utilities

Bootstrap includes a huge list of utility classes to quickly style basically anything. Rather than writing repetitive CSS you can just use a utility class that is already available. Some examples include increasing padding or margin, adding or removing borders, coloring an element with your theme colours, flex classes, and so much more!

Read more about Bootstrap Utilities.

8. Browser Compatibility

Bootstrap 4 supports the latest stable releases of all major browsers and platforms. I know what you’re thinking… how compatible is it with Internet Explorer? On Internet Explorer 10-11 and Edge Bootstrap is well supported, however, if you require IE8-9 support then Bootstrap 3 is the way to go.

Read more about Bootstrap Browser Compatibility.

9. Community and Support

Because Bootstrap is such a popular front-end design framework, the internet is filled with tutorials, examples and forums to get support. This means that if you get stuck, need ideas or inspiration for your next website, you can easily find a solution or someone more than willing to provide some guidance and point you in the right direction.

10. Free and Open-Source

Bootstrap was originally created by a designer and a developer at Twitter. Yes that’s right… the world famous social platform Twitter! Bootstrap has since become one of the most popular front-end frameworks and open source projects in the world and is well supported and constantly evolving.

Note: This post was written as of Bootstrap v4.3.1.

How does Gutenize relate to Bootstrap?

We have taken all the amazing features of Bootstrap 4 and created the Gutenize Visual WordPress Builder which allows you to create a professional website with ease using the best content management system (CMS) on the market, with the most popular front-end framework in the world!