5 website design tips you NEED to know

5 website design tips you NEED to know

Tools like Hotjar and Matamo give you insight into how people are navigating through your website. Where are they clicking? Where are they not clicking? What tabs are they visiting? What is there a common journey that people take from one tab to the next? The answers to all these questions can help you optimize your website so that you’re always getting the most out of it! That’s what a website is for innit? 

But before you invest in these analysis tools try these five website design tips to improve your website’s design and consequently improve your conversions.

The need for speed!

Website speed needs to be your number one priority! A slow website will always result in people leaving. The average person will wait a maximum of five seconds for a website to load. Anything above that and they’ve lost interest. Read 5 ways to increase your website’s speed to ensure your website is speedy Gonzales!

Focus on the fold in your website design

Above and below ‘the fold’ is actually a term that comes from the newspaper industry. A newspaper is typically folded in half, horizontally, anything above that fold is called ‘ above the fold’ and anything below that physical fold is – you guessed it – below the fold. This terminology has transferred to online too.

On a website above the fold is everything you see as you land on the page. Anything below that scrolling point is below the fold. 

So – tip number two. Make sure everything above the fold is clear, bold and enticing. Have great images and/or an eye-catching headline. You need to be able to explain the value your product or service brings in four seconds and a maximum of two sentences. Add a call to action button, loud and proud above the fold!

Limit choices

Although your website needs to be thorough and display your products and or services, you should avoid publishing excessive options and choices. Hick’s Law is a human interaction law that describes how a human is more likely to pick an option if there are fewer options to choose from. Grocery shopping is a perfect example of this. Often when there is SO much choice we become overwhelmed and decide not to choose at all. Take away a couple of options and our brain can breathe and proceed. Instead of having hundreds of options on your website, offer up your core or most popular options and then encourage your visitors to contact you for more information or for a more custom offer. 

Hick’s Law applies to form fills too. Don’t ask for too much information from your visitors, just the essentials. More of our handy website design tips!

Choose scrolling instead of clicking 

A super cool study by Crazy Egg discovered that one long website rather than a website where you have to click to get to various sections increased conversions by 30%. Users are more likely to scroll than click so choose a website layout with plenty of scrolling capacity. 

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Formatting, fonts and images to capture and guide attention

Web design is more than just laying out the menus and structure. It’s about strategically selecting fonts, formats and images that WOW the visitor and then give them visual queues on how to navigate through the website. Large, bold headings prompt the visitor to read that first and then work their way down.

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Got enough website design tips? Now go build it!

Once you’ve designed your website, you’ll need to build it! That’s where we come in. Gutenize is a super cool, super easy, super-efficient block builder to build your website with. No coding – just blocks!