5 web design trends for 2021

5 web design trends for 2021

Is that….Comic Sans on your website? Ew.

What’s worse than a site from 1994? A website in 2021 with a 1994 design.

Time to bring your site into the modern age. Website design has progressed in leaps and bounds this year alone, and getting on board with the newest trends is easier than you think.

So what are the latest web design trends making a splash in 2021? Read on to find out.

Simple and easy

With small phone screens and even smaller attention spans, you now have less time to make an impact on your user. That’s why many businesses are opting for simple and easy designs. 

While your message still needs to be loud and proud, you can still say it without all the mumbo-jumbo. This allows your user to have a more streamlined experience overall.

Fast loading with more images

Remember the grainy, pixelated photos you used to see online? Yeah. Neither do we.

That’s because image quality has taken a huge leap since then. In 2021 crisp, clear images with record loading time are all the rage.

And thanks to the advancement of mobile device screens, including retina displays in Apple products, fuzzy pictures are a thing of the past.
PRO TIP: Use stock photo sites like Unsplash, Pexels, and Gratisography to get high-quality stock photos. Although we recommend using photos of your own if possible. Also, make sure you include keywords in your photo file name for SEO.

Flat is best

For the past five years, we’ve seen the rise of GIF files and animations everywhere. And honestly, who doesn’t love those things? But ‘flashy. moving things’ may not be the best idea for your site. 

One of the latest web design trends of 2020 is the concept of less is more. Simpler flat designs are replacing flashy GIFS in a bid to enhance user experience. 

Need an example? Try Google and Facebook. Both platforms have opted for a more flat, basic design.

Video backgrounds

Find the flat background a little… dull? You’re not alone. More web designers are opting towards videos and animations as backgrounds to compliment the flat design trend. 

And thanks to faster internet loading times, this new trend is easier to achieve. Just goes to show what is possible with more advanced technology!

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Customised Google Maps

All aboard the Google Map train. Everyone who’s anyone is jumping on board. 

Adding a Google Map to a website has now become a staple. But adding a customised Google Map – now that is something else.

Change your map to suit the design of your site. Maybe the colour scheme has always been wrong. Or the map looks outdated against your ultra-cool, modern background.

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