3 essential maintenance tasks for your website

3 Essential maintenance tasks for your website

Remember that Tamagotchi you had in school? The one with the super cool blue case and dinosaur stickers? Remember how you cared for it? The hours spent feeding, nurturing, and showing off to friends? Yeah, those were good times. But then you got bored with it. You moved on to something else – and your little dinosaur got chucked away in a drawer.

By the time you remembered, it was too late. Your digital pet was a goner. Your website is the same. You can’t just forget it once it’s up and running. You need to regularly maintain it to ensure everything is working smoothly.

We’ve put together the 3 most essential maintenance tasks you need to be doing for your website.

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Why is maintaining my website important?

Your website isn’t a set-it and forget-it kind of thing. It needs regular maintenance to keep it functioning and up to date. This means checking your site for issues, fixing them, and making updates.

Keeping your website in tip-top shape is important because:

  • It supports your SEO strategy
  • Most people search online before they buy. In fact, 87% of us do it.
  • It will help you grow your sales
  • It improves online security and user experience

So what maintenance tasks for your website do you need to know? Read on to find out!

First maintenance task for your website – Back it up

Backing up your website is useless and a total waste of time. Said no one. EVER.

Think of the horror you would feel if something were to go terribly wrong, and you lost your website forever. A simple monthly backup would solve that problem.

Your hosting company should offer this service. But in case of an emergency, or for your own peace of mind, try manually backing up your website yourself. Just log into your hosting provider, and download a copy of the backup.

It will only take a few minutes a month, but it could save you from losing everything. Just another maintenance task for your website that could save you big time.

Update, update, update

Regularly check for updates on any tools you use to create your website. Do this once a month – it will only take a few minutes. 

If you use WordPress, then make sure that all the plugins are operating and updated. An out of date plugin will cause security issues. It can even affect the functionality of your website – and no one likes a broken web page.

And don’t forget to update your PHP – the coding language that powers your website. Your hosting company can help you with this.

QA your website

Think about your last house plant. We know you had the best intentions, but it inevitably wound up shrivelled up and dead, just like the others. You were never much of a gardener anyway.

Your website is the same. If you don’t check in on it, things could go wrong – leaving you with a shrivelled, dead site.

Go through your website every month and do a quality analysis check. Click on all the links, check your pages, and make sure the functionality and design are as they should be.

And don’t forget to check how your website looks on desktop and mobile.

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