What you need to know about Apple’s iOs 14 update

Apple has just announced that they’ll be implementing restrictions on collecting data from users’ devices. How? With their new iOs 14 update. This new release stops tools like Facebook pixel gathering information from people, which was usually used for retargeting. But thanks to iOs 14, this will be a thing of the past. So how does this affect your business? What steps can you take? Read on to learn what you need to know about Apple’s iOs 14 update.

Why do chatbots need a personality?

How can anyone love a chatbot? It’s easy if they have something that you can relate to or connect with - a personality. By giving your little bot a personality, you’re ensuring a deeper connection with your potential customers. In short, personality builds relationships. Read on to discover why your chatbot needs a personality.

Best chatbot builders in 2021

It’s no wonder that you want a chatbot for your website - they're awesome! But there’s a lot of chatbot builders out there. How do you choose just one? And what are the differences? Don’t worry your pretty little head. We’ve pulled together the best chatbot builders in 2021.

Best Ecommerce platforms in 2020

You've finally moved your business online – good for you! Not to burst your bubble, but what about an eCommerce platform? It's just as important as a glitzy home page, and you will need one to make sales on your website. Read on to learn more about 2020's top eCommerce platforms, so you can decide which one is best for you.

3 website design changes for Christmas

You might be closed for the Christmas holidays, but your potential buyers aren't. Many people still shop online after the big day to snatch up bargains. Think of all the sales you could be missing out on. A few simple tweaks to your website are all you need to keep your customers happy. Here’s our list of top website design changes for Christmas.

How to increase brand engagement on social media

So you’ve read all the books, done all the right things and worked hard. You’ve built your business from the ground up – but something isn’t quite right. You offer fantastic service, quality goods and lifetime warranties. So why can’t you get the sales? You may need to work on your brand engagement. And thanks to social media, it’s easy, effective, and budget-friendly. You might even enjoy it!