Guidelines and resources for using the Gutenize brand correctly.

Logos and Icons

The Gutenize logo and icon are available in a Primary and Secondary format.

Primary logo

Secondary logo

Primary icon

Secondary icon

Color Palette

The Gutenize brand colors consist of Purple, Black, and White.


RGB 121, 82, 179
HEX #7952B3


RGB 0, 0, 0
HEX #000000


RGB 255, 255, 255

Brand Guidelines

Please follow the simple guidelines below to keep our brand looking professional.

The Do’s
  • Use plenty of space around the Gutenize logo and icon
  • Use the Gutenize Primary logo where possible on a white background
  • Use the Gutenize icon only when in context to the brand
The Don’ts
  • Do not alter the brand assets in anyway
  • Do not use the brand assets as part of your own marketing material
  • Do not use the Gutenize name as part of your own product

Get In Touch

To discuss further about using the Gutenize brand, please email or use our online contact form.